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Grasses and Flaxes

Anemanthele lessoniana (Wind, Gossamer or Bamboo grass)
This native is one of the taller growing grasses. The foliage shows hints of green, bronze and pink. A beautiful wavy form that reflects its common name: Wind Grass. Ideal to be planted in drifts under trees and other dry shady spots. 1m.
Astelia banksii
This popular native has thin silver strap like leaves which are highly appealing. It has many landscaping uses where dramatic form and form are required.
Astelia chathamica
A striking native flax like plant with long silver leaves. Perfect for contrast this very popular plant has many landscape uses. 1.3m x 1.3m.
A red or bronze form of this popular native. Best colour is achieved when planted in full sun. Looks good in a pot, massed planted or used as contrast. 1.2m.
Carex buchananii
A hardy New Zealand native grass with bronze- brown foliage. It has a strong upright habit that is graceful and useful as contrast to other grasses. 80cm x 50cm.
This stunning grass is from Japan and enjoys a moist soil in semi-shade. Will grow in full sun, just make sure it gets an extra water. Bold green leaves have a bright cream central stripe. Brilliant if massed planted under shrubs and trees giving great colour. 30cm x 30cm.
A hardy and popular grass due to the silvery green colour of its foliage. Mass plant for effect, especially to fill out banks and dry spots. Looks good planted with the other coloured grasses and flaxes. A nice contrast to Scleranthus, the NZ Moss. 30cm x 40cm.
Carex testacea
A hardy and attractive grass. The strong orange colouring makes this a very popular choice. The best colour is achieved in full sun. 50cm x 50cm.
Chinochloa flavicans
An attractive native grass that resembles a miniature toi-toi. Masses of green feathery flowers heads arch over the foliage. A great choice for mass planting on a bank, adding interest in a small garden or in containers. 75cm x 1m.
Deschampsia cespitosa
This funky little grass has green leaves which are edged with yellow. Adding interest is the new growth which has a pink tinge. Use as a mass planting option, in containers or as part of any flower bed. Best in full sun. 30cm x 30cm.
Festuca coxii
This grass is one of our favourites because of its small clumpy habit and the brilliant blue colour. As with most plants, the best colour is achieved if planted in full sun. An excellent grass for mass planting, for containers or with other small perennials for contrast. 25cm
Libertia ixiodies (NZ Iris)
A popular native known as the NZ Iris. Due to seed variations it comes in many different leaf forms. A useful filler or mass planter for exposed spots and in combination with other flaxes. In summer it has tall spikes of white flowers. 50cm x 50cm
Libertia peregrinans (NZ Iris)
The orange form of the NZ Iris. A spreading rootstock makes it a good groundcover for rockeries and exposed sites. The best colour is achieved when the plant is neglected. Spikes of white triangular flowers appear in summer followed by attractive seed pods. 25cm high
Black Mondo Grass. This little grass is slow growing but spreads by sending up runners. Useful for edging, containers, groundcover and any where the strong colour can be appreciated.
Ophiopogon planiscarpus
The green form of Mondo Grass. Useful as a groundcover, border edging or used as a filler between paving. Considered easy care and hardy, Mondo spread by underground rhizomes. They have small flower spikes of white flowers followed by black berries. 25cm x 25cm
Phormium cookianum
Mountain flax. Extemely hardy with broad glossy green arching leaves. Have flower and seed spikes that attract birds. The parent flax of many colourful modern hybrids. 1.2m x 1.5m
Phormium cookianum
An upright flax with strong purple coloured leaves that droop at the tips. Excellent for colour contrast, low maintenance gardens, modern gardens and containers. 1.5m x 1m
Phormium cookianum
An upright dwarf flax with bright green leaves that have a creamy-yellow edge. Great for contrast, using in containers and anywhere a hardy and colourful plant is required. As with all flaxes the best colour is in full sun. 75cm x 75cm
Phormium cookianum
A compact dwarf form of the native flax. Lush emerald green leaves form a tidy clump with flower spikes in summer which are great for attracting birds. 70cm x 70cm
Phormium cookianum
One of the darkest red coloured flaxes we grow. Looks really effective when mass planted either by itself or with a combination of coloured flaxes. Forms a thick clump of arching foliage. 1m x 1m
Phormium cookianum
An upright green flax with a bold yellow margin on the leaves. Very hardy and can handle almost any situation. Phormium have many landscape uses; providing cover on a tough bank, adding colour to exposed spots, even looking good in containers. 1m x 1m
Phormium cookianum
A neat addition to the flax range, this form has arching leaves that are predominantly pinky- red but with a green edge. Like all the flaxes this is good for planting in almost any condition and looks neat in containers as well. 1m x 1m
Phormium cookianum
Moores Valley Nurseries own introduction to the flax family. This bright Phormium is a sport of the ever popular 'Emerald Gem'/ 'Green Dwarf' and as such remains nice and compact. The bright yellow leaves add that 'wow' factor and it is perfect for containers, mass planting and providing great contrast. 60cm x 60cm
Phormium cookianum
A clump forming native flax with pink, arching leaves. A brilliant contrast plant, looking good amongst other flaxes or other coloured foliaged plants. Best colour is achieved in full sun and can handle most soil conditions. 1m x 1m
Phormium cookianum purpurea
The purple form of mountain flax which is very hardy and will pretty much grow anywhere. Grown by seed which results in variations in colour from light brown through to rich burgundies. Great for containers, filling out banks, along streams and in easy care gardens. 1.4m x 1.2m

A compact, clump forming native flax. Green leaves are tinged brown and are sometimes distorted which adds to the interest. Ideal for mass planting, providing contrast or texture and for exposed gardens. 50cm x 50cm

Phormium cookianum
Another gracefully weeping form of flax. Tricolour has green leaves with a cream edge that is marked with a pink or red edge. Suitable for many different purposes. 1 x 1.5m.
Phormium cookianum
Also known as 'Golden Ray' this flax is a good addition to the yellow range. Looks great mass planted or in combination with other colours. Very hardy, it is a no hassle plant suitable for many areas. Also suitable in pots as a bold feature. 1m x 1.2m.
Phormium tenax
One of the better yellow flaxes, Yellow Wave has a graceful weeping habit. The leaves have a strong yellow edge that becomes increasingly green with age. 1.2m x 1.5m
Xeronema callistemon
An attractive native lily that forms a clump of broad glossy green leaves. Long stems hold curving red, brush like flowers. A rare plant in the wild. 1m x 75cm
Yucca filifera
A dramatic looking plant with yellow spiky leaves with a green edge. Prefers a free- draining soil and is suitable for seaside gardens. Plant with other succulents or flaxes for a bold planting. Also looks good when planted in pots. 75cm x 60cm