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Carex 'Evergold'


Common Name:

Japanese Sedge.


An attractive grass with bright yellow variegations. Forms a tidy clump or arching foliage.


Small creamy seed heads poke above the crown.


40cm x 50cm

Growing Conditions:

Best if planted in a moist and shady position but will grow in the sun as well.


Like all grasses they benefit from the occasional tidy up. Pull or rake out the dead leaves to keep a tidy appearance. Every few years you may want to cut them back quite hard and encourage fresh new growth.


·         Colourful under-planting for shady areas.

·         Works well in containers, adding colour and texture.


This grass would work very well with a range of other shade lovers. The bright colours of the leafy Hostas and the ferny foliage of Astible would be perfect compliments to the colour and form of ‘Evergold’.


Companion Plants:

Hosta, Arthropodium 'Parnell', Pratia angulata

Alternative Plants:

Arthropodium 'Parnell', Dianella nigra, Liriope muscari