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Astelia 'Westland'


Common Name:  

Bush flax.


A clump forming, bronze leaved native that resembles a flax.


Orange berries in summer.


1.2m x 1m

Growth conditions:  

  • A well-drained position in soil enriched with compost.
  • Keep soil moist during hot, dry periods.
  • Sun or semi-shade. Protect from harsh frosts in colder areas.


Little care is needed apart from removing older leaves to tidy. Astelia 'Westland' prefers a well drained soil and can struggle if planted in wet soil. It still needs a good drink occasionally but likes to be dry.


  • Containers/Pots
  • Modern gardens
  • Mass plantings
  • Contrast
  • Foliage colour


Ideal when planted amoung native grasses for a dramatic contrast. Also looks good in containers. 

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Companion Plants:  

Phormium 'Little Cracker'Chinochloa flavicansHebe evenosa

Alternative Plants:  

Astelia banksiiAstelia chathamicaPhormium 'Dark Delight'.