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Chinochloa flavicans


Common Name:


Miniature Toi-Toi, Snow Tussock




A hardy and attractive native grass with graceful arching green foliage.




Masses of feathery yellow-green flowers are held on long arching stems. Over time these fade to brown.




75cm x 1m.


Growing Conditions:


Can be planted in full sun or part shade. Hardy to extreme conditions, but best when sheltered from drying winds and planted in free draining soils.




This grass is easy care and low maintenance. Old plants can be cut down and will quickly re-grow.



  • Mass planting especially on banks.  
  • Great in containers.
  • Rock gardens.




Chinochloa flavicans is one the most spectacular native grasses and deserved to be used in any garden situation. Team it up with other grasses and/or flaxes for a low maintenance garden or combine with flowering perennials for a nice contrast.


Alternative Plants:



Phormium cookianum, Anemanthele lessoniana, Libertia grandiflora


Companion Plants:


Astelia chathamica, Carex testacea, Scleranthus biflorus