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Corokia 'Geentys Ghost'



A hardy native shrub that has a bushy habit and attractive coloured foliage.


Small starry, yellow flowers are mildly fragrant and are followed by small red berries.


Will grow to a height of 2m if left but easily trimmed between 50cm and 1m.

Growing Conditions:

Best if planted in full sun or part shade. Very hardy and can handle strong winds, coastal conditions and dry soils once established. So if planted in a sheltered spot in good soil with plenty of water and fertilizer, they will absolutely thrive.


Little care required, but regular trims and fertilising will ensure nice form and dense growth if used as a hedge. Perhaps water every now and then in dry spells.


  • Most common use is low to medium sized hedging.
  • Great ‘filler’ shrub in any garden.
  • The berries are great for attracting birds.


All Corokia are suitable for hedging, it just comes down to personal preference to leaf colour and shape. The spacing will depend on the height you require. For a low hedge of between 50cm – 1m we recommend you plant them 30cm – 50cm apart. For a hedge of between 1m – 2m we recommend planting them 50cm – 1m apart.

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