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Prunus 'Awanui' (Flowering Cherry)


Common Name:

Yoshino Cherry, Toyko Cherry, Flowering Cherry.


A upright, vase shaped tree. A nice shaped tree with layers of branches.


Pink buds open to fragrant, single white flowers that hang in racemes.


8m x 5m 

Growing Conditions:

Prunus will grow in most average soils, but the addition of deeply worked compost will ensure healthy growth. Plant in areas that are reasonable wind protected as strong winds will strip the flowers. Give them the room they deserve so they can show off to their potential.


Prunus need little care however a few things will keep them looking their best. They can be pruned hard if needed to encourage size and shape. While they are generally resistant to pests they can sometimes get ‘Shot Hole’, which is the appearance of small holes through the leaves. This is mainly a visually problem, rather than a health concern and can be treated by spraying with Copper in winter and early spring as the leaves emerge. Fertilise in the spring to promote better flowers and new season growth.


  • Feature tree on the lawn. Larger gardens could have a cherry grove, with different varieties planted out to create a park like setting. As the flowers start to drop you get a neat snow like carpet of petals.
  • A great avenue tree or for lining a driveway, or as a street planting.
  • As a specimen tree in any sized garden. Provides brilliant colour and shade.


Prunus are among the most attractive of all flowering trees and there is one to fit almost any situation. From uprights to spreaders to weepers there is a range of forms and uses. Just remember they are best in sheltered spots where the wind can’t get to the blooms.

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